About us

Wakalah Car Rental & Leasing Co.

Wakalah Car Rental Company managed by a highly qualified team with great experience in the world of cars and transportation business.. It seeks to modernized and expand its operations through an approach committed to customer service and value for money by providing easy and accessible programs that keep pace with the continuous development of this type of business. Where we strive-to fulfill all the requirements of our customers, and just as we are keen on the quality and quality of cars, we are keen to train and develop our work team to provide the best after-sales service.

Our car rental services include short as well as long-term contracts (daily - weekly - monthly - yearly). Therefore, as a first step, two service centers were designated with equipped for the convenience of our customers, as the company has a wide range of cars such as American, Asian, European, family, and small and large passenger buses. Wakalah company is keen on flexibility in its dealings by providing very smooth systems that are compatible with customers' requirements in terms of various leasing contracts.

 Our vision:

We strive to provide innovative transport solutions, in line with our customers' satisfaction, as well as development that suits the times.We also aspire to be at the forefront of car rental and sales companies through continuous innovation of products and services and expansion in this field. Our ultimate goal is to achieve great interaction with different segments of society by focusing on the previous core values.

 Our mission:

To be the first choice for customers with the effective and affordable transportation solutions we offer by taking advantage of our strengths due to our extensive experience and knowledge. And the formation of a talented work team who can provide the most recent advanced technology that keeps pace with the rapid development in the world, and by providing the latest products, effective processes, and large-scale marketing methods.

Our goals:

We promise to continuously develop customer service, which we consider a major goal that deserves constant focus. We listen to customer requirements and work to meet them and provide appropriate solutions for them as quickly as possible.

We believe in cooperation, pluralism of viewpoints,professionalism, investment in people, technology, quality, learning and improvement, and permanent training of the work team.

We believe in innovation and creativity, which makes everyone pay for it, so we listen and reward them.

We are committed to be honest and have a high degree of confidence in our dealings with clients.

We strive to make our brand experience a world-class level.

 Our experience:

Wakalah company is proud to have been founded by a distinguished management and work team known for its efficiency, as this team achieved impressive successes during its previous working life, witnessed by many trusted authorities in the local business sector. As well as international companies that work in the oil and gas sector, tourism, travel and services sector.

To contact our work team :

 Head Office: 24912124 / 8

 Email: info@wakalahauto.com

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