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Wakalah Automotive Kuwait considered one of the best Car Rental and Limo Service (Car with Driver) in Kuwait,where i towns diversified fleet of cars (luxury, medium, jeeps and vans) allocated only for this purpose and high readiness in terms of comfort, safety and-privacy, with height level of Service.

Our Services Starting from the professional Drivers and excellent condition of its Cars ,The drivers of the Department of Transportation in Wakalah  Automotive Kuwait on a high level of professionalism and knowledge of all the sites Kuwait and commitment to traffic laws and public safety while driving.

Cars are equipped with the necessary comfort to the internal customer services on the go. 

Wakalah Automotive  Kuwait characterized the service at the highest levels in terms of cleaner vehicles and their driver's official uni forms of the company.

The company is committed to attendance on the scheduled dates for the program.

High and fast for any emergency preparedness.

Our message: Discrimination upscale service in the field of Car with Driver

online Booking  :


 (+965 )24912124 -96041223 

 (+965 )23987020 -60911237  

 Hot Line : (+965) 99626447


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